Dominican Republic Ministries

Our Ministries in the Dominican Republic

The DR is a land of great opportunity in which to learn about a church that is committed to serving and caring for people. What may be lacking in resources is greatly overshadowed by a people committed to serving as the hands, feet and heart of Christ. These people truly know that “Christ lives in them.” With the gift of Christ’s presence the church is outward focused with great vision. While visiting you might hear if a group or individual can come….

… a church can be built and new life in Christ will be shared
… a simple shelter can be constructed, then government will then provide food for a lunch program at our school
… they can assist in building, we can have a home for elderly sugar cane workers who can no longer work and are therefore asked to leave the sugar cane plantations where they have lived and worked most of their lives
… a cistern can be installed that will aid in getting clean water to everyone who lives around their church
… a home can be built for a woman and children whose home is falling down
… a clinic can be constructed that will aid in meeting health needs of our community
… a church can finally have a bathroom after being here for many years
… they can work together to finish this school that will touch the community with good education and change lives forever
… teachers can be trained and lives will be changed forever
… Jesus can be shared with children and adults through educational opportunities which includes English language instruction< br /> … pastors can be trained
… they can build a community center where the Haitian population can recieve prayer, passport and immigration services, and economic, psychological, emotional, and spiritual help
… God will be at work and the world God has entrusted to us will be a better place as the love of Jesus is shared

The people of DR are ready for guests to come and serve and to be the hands, feet and heart of Jesus Christ. The people here are eager to meet you, to work alongside you while singing, teasing, sweating and sharing a common life in Jesus Christ. As you come, you will bring hope to a people that often feel forgotten because of deep systemic issues. When you arrive, you create a partnership in Christ that reminds them they are loved. Would it be better to stay home and send money? Definitley not if you are able to work, to be present with the people here and want to have your life forever changed by the people of this land. You will witness their persistent faith in God who has met them over and over again despite tremendously difficult circumstances. These people are ready for short term and longer term partnerships. Do not allow your perceived lack of skills keep you from coming. If God is leading, God will have a place and ministry for you while here. Contact us and we will assist you in exploring if this is a place for you to come and serve.